This project aims to create a fictional narrative for the paintings: “Les Amants” (The Lovers I and II) made in 1928 by René Magritte, where the main figures' faces are mysteriously hidden. 

There is an unknown love story behind the characters in these paintings, and these images are in constant seek of that hidden narrative. I am interested in exploring and exploiting the meaning of love, but mostly of "lovelessness" remaining in altered relationships.   

Based in real romantic relationships, I create different scenarios for these couples to exist. With a voyeuristic experience, we are invited to the intimate, mundane and the natural spaces that escape the extraordinary and that is the leading stage for the actions to happen.

Since this is a controversial conversation, the strangeness is important, there is no precise translation for a relationship because of its complexity. There is no point in trying to deconstruct it’s meaning with our own multifaceted understanding that we as humans persistently try to achieve. Therefore, this project is only trying to construct different layers of situations where the protagonists involved may and may not exist, may collapse, may intertwine, may dissolve or may stay alive.