I am here to stay.

I dare to act accordingly to who I am. I choose to be me. I decide to follow my path through my heritage. I know now that if I want to explore my history I only need to carve and find it inside me. We are made from bronze and we rise from fire. Warmth is in my blood and strength is deep-rooted in my bones. This is who I am. Soy Latina and this is my birthright and it is my power. I am proud of coming from the land of secrets. Secrets buried in innocent and virtuous blood of indigenous heroes. Red is our color and resistance is our passion. Call me sensuous, call me ardent but please do not call me passive.

We do not want to conquer the world; we do want to conquer our inner freedom and our inner fears caused by the past colonizers that destroyed our ancient history. This is what I call revolution. We are here to stay and to retake what belongs to us, because we do not want to forget. We are here to resist. They think we are only a past myth. The revival of our culture is what we desperately claim for. When you realize that the only freedom you’ve got is the freedom of mind, yet, silent mind. It is the time to revitalize our souls and our courage. They tried to keep us quiet and keep us numb, they enforced pain and loss. But our skin only got thicker and our spirits got higher. The sun reflects our brightness and that is why we know we can only move forward.

I am a woman and I am here to stay. They tried to vanish us. Their dominance was their power. They invaded nature and possessed mother earth. The feminization of nature is the way they used to try to mutilate us from our self-liberation. They exploded nature as much as they wanted to explode women. And as a woman I want to resist patriarchy. I reclaim the female power. We embrace whom we are and we are here to stay.