Raza de Bronce

Inverted Utopias: Decolonizing Narratives


About Slavery and Colonization:

I am uncovering and juxtaposing two silenced narratives of realities that meet and connect at the very same start point: the erasure of history.

In this diaspora, I use photographic documentation of specific places in California where Slavery occurred during the period of the Gold Rush, and I reinforce the placement and connection to these sites with my own body, through performative actions and self-portraiture, I create a new autoethnographic history as a way of self-representation that reproduces a mode of resistance and celebrates decolonizing narratives.

These hidden and forgotten stories are presented today because I want to reconnect them physically within specific geographic locations, which are already highly historically impacted and charged. The ones who have the power to rewrite history have erased both chronicles, and these untold tragedies exist in these images; consequently I am able to transgress time through space and I reinforce and appropriate the ownership of this discourse created by the colonizers and protest against the displacement and dispossession of our real memoir.